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Dr. Tawana Williams

Tawana was born May 23, 1963 without arms & impaired use of her legs due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Her story and legacy are connected to President John F. Kennedy. She's a Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker & Author!

Donavia 'Angel' Walker

Donavia Walker was born in Orlando, Florida January 12, 2002 without arms. She was diagnosed with Bilateral Amelia. She has three siblings and was nicknamed ‘Angel’ by her Great Grandmother who said “since she didn’t have arms God gave her Wings!” 

Keleigh Caddell

Keleigh was born on January 4, 2018 in Jefferson County Alabama, without arms & no spleen however, all other aspects of her health & well-being are fully functional. She's a vibrant & feisty blessing to this world, who loves to read, play soccer & perform live. She has a white belt in Karate!   

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Kashmiere Culberson

Kashmiere Culberson was born August 12, 1997 without arms which is called Bilateral Phocomelia. There’s not

a specific reason why she was born this way. Today she

knows that God created

her this way for His Glory! She's thankful everyday for life.

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