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Adorable Chick


Donavia Walker was born in Orlando, Florida January 12, 2002 without arms. She was diagnosed with Bilateral Amelia. She has three siblings and was nicknamed ‘Angel’ by her Great Grandmother who said “since she didn’t have arms God gave her Wings!”  Angel lives with her mother who is a wonderful example and role model that taught her early in life how to figure things out and be determined in every way.


Angel’s father passed away when she was two years old. Today Angel thrives to be an independent strong, self sufficient young lady!  She’s a Cadet in (JROTC) Junior Reserve Officer in Training Corps. There Mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens.


Angel attended Winter Haven High School, where she enrolled in the Medical Academy and her goal is to be certified in Phlebotomy; she’s also in Improv, which is a Theater class where she’s learning to be an Actor without a script. She graduated High School in 2002. When she gets older, her goal is to be a Speech Therapist. Angel’s hobbies are drawing and  playing soccer but she really enjoys being with her friends because they always make her smile.

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