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Kashmiere Culberson was born August 12, 1997 without arms which is called Bilateral Phocomelia. There’s not a specific reason why she was born this way, today she knows that God created her this way for His Glory! Kashmiere was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has three younger siblings, her Mom and Dad did an awesome job taking care of their family.


She attended Life School-Oak Cliff in Dallas and graduated in 2015. Now she’s in College and attends Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas and will graduate in 2019 with her degree in Psychology! In 2018 she became a Make-Up Artist because of her passion to look fly & fierce and then others loved what they saw in her too, so she kept going.


Kashmiere does it all; she writes, types, cooks, does her own hair and make-up, all with her feet!


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