Become An EWW Partner

“Eagle Without Wings” The Movie will be a game changer for the film industry and for those who fight for equality, justice, change and for those with disabilities and diverse situations. The Investors for the film are in position and perhaps you would like to become a Partner.

Brand Integration Opportunity

“Eagle Without Wings” The Movie offers you the opportunity to make your brand apart of this amazing story through a “Brand Integration Opportunity!”  We only have a few Positions available, so please move quickly & swiftly...We will work with you to make sure your promotion will feel organically integrated into the story line of the film, so it will connect emotionally with audiences and perhaps even become one of the main characters of this inspiring story.


      Meet The EWW Partners

Becoming a Partner comes with a lot of perks. You can have your name on the credits of the ‘Movie,’ have a reserved seat at The Red Carpet Gala and be called as an Extra just to name a few. We have Partnership & Sponsorship Proposal Packages for

individuals and corporations.