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Brand Integration/Product Placement Opportunities

We really want you to get involved and partner with us to participate in this process. We are confident that after the ‘Movie’ is released and in Theaters, lives will be changed, people will be delivered and set free because Tawana’s story captivates, motivates and eliminates all excuses in the lives of people and we believe that you will help us make this happen! Tawana does so much with so little that she challenges all of us to look within. We encourage you to support the vision as an Individual, Non-Profit Organization, Church Leader, Corporation and Organization with Your “Brand Participation” we believe that it shall come to pass!

Our ultimate goal is to shoot many scenes of the ‘Movie’ in Tawana’s hometown of Wilson, North Carolina. Perhaps, there maybe a scene or two shot in your town; you never know! This ground breaking opportunity will be a win-win opportunity for all that participate. At some point of the process there will be a casting call and then jobs will be created to showcase the gifts & talents in different diverse communities throughout America. In essence, we need the support of many cities including the City of Wilson, North Carolina The former Mayor-Bruce Rose and The current Mayor-Carlton Stevens, Jr.  (both have personally endorsed Tawana in writing as a Beacon of Hope), Pastors, Church Leaders, delegates, other constituents, community leaders, professional business owners, the media and many communities at large to make this vision come to life.

Make your brand apart of this amazing story through a “Brand Integration Opportunity!”  We only have a few Positions available, so please move quickly & swiftly...We will work with you to make sure your promotion will feel organically integrated into the story line of the film, so it will connect emotionally with audiences and perhaps even become one of the main characters of this inspiring story;“let's stop worrying about what the nay-sayers are saying and start moving forward and focusing on what we can do to help make this vision come to life!” Thank you and Remember, “We are Greater than I.”-Chris Fields Thank you for your support in advance, God Bless You. Love 'Team Eagle' & The Tawana Williams Management Team.

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