Eagle Without Wings

Eagle Without Wings


Co-Producer & Author Tawana Williams

Email: EagleWithoutWings1@gmail.com

Website: www.EagleWithoutWings.com

Website: www.TawanaWilliams.com

 Phone: (252)291-6081

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MillionFlea, LLC is the world’s premiere intellectual property engineering firm founded in San Diego, CA in 2008.
This is where great ideas are made!
We create scripts for full-length feature films and television in a vast array of genres. Our creative team writes manuscripts, designs video game story lines and develops
character-driven products. 
We are excited to Partner with
Tawana Williams and Team Eagle to Produce a Power Packed Motion Picture Film "Eagle Without Wings" that will change the game for diverse heroic
true life stories! 
At MillionFlea we are committed to
the artistic empowerment and are relentless in our efforts to consistently bring the clients vision to fruition.